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The Best Employee


There are a lot of employee-tracking software packages available in the market. Most of them are performing at their best. So to place fingers on ‘the best’ was not an easy job.  However in an attempt to keep up the promise we scrutinized a lot and came to a conclusion that TERAMIND is currently the best employee-monitoring software available in the market. So here we are giving reasons as to how TERAMIND pushed its competitors behind and came first.


Why is TERAMIND the best?

  • Getting Activities Recorded: The software records all the activities of the employee during the working hours. The administrator can rewind and replay as and when he wants.
  • Automated Rules: The administrator can customize rules in such a way when the employee is breaking the rules like pushing a company record outside, the software will pop up notifications that can warn the employee and can instantly block his action.
  • Insider risk management: Since the software is on the watch 24/7 any risky activity that affects the interest of the management can be easily tracked by analyzing their behavior.
  • Productivity Analysis: Employees might indulge in activities that are off his schedule, but the employer might still consider it productive. In such cases, the employer might customize the application so that it gives the employer a productivity analysis on the same.
  • Tracking like never before: The software is like a doting mother. It keeps an eye on every single activity initiated by the employee. It can track emails, files that come in and the ones that move out. It also maintains the record of the websites visited and applications installed by the employee. The administrator can monitor these activities and take necessary action that he deems fit.
  • Mail capture: This nothing new. If an employee is trying to sneak into the official records or exports a mail without the consent of the employer, the software can block such activity and intimate it to the administrator. The software can also look into the content that is inside a mail.
  • Idle time Analysis: The Software has a check on the time spent productively by the employee. This will calculate the idle time spent by him and will help the administrator find out when an employee is underutilized.

How are employees benefitted?

The above points make it clear that the employer is going to be quite happy with what the software package does. But how is it going to benefit the employee? Let’s find out

  1. It prevents the employee from indulging in harmful and illicit activities.
  2. Productivity analysis motivates the employee to work better.
  3. It teaches the employee to manage time and work better.
  4. The employee can evaluate his own performance, find out his mistake, learn from them and work better.
  5. When an employee perfects himself, it helps him to enjoy benefits both in cash and in kind.

Improving Productivity of Employees


Management positions may come with a raise and an office, but they also come with greater responsibility and require you to be vigilant and use strategy to successfully reach goals. Each employee under your managerial prevue needs your best effort and most strategic approach to goal setting to be successful. These four tips can help with improving the productivity of employees so the business can see greater success.
Productivity of Employees


It is always important for the management to assign tasks to different employees. However, this goes beyond making a list and just assigning an employee to A, B, and C. It is necessary to know your employees. That way, you can assign the employees to the tasks that optimize their strengths. If you have an employee that does much better behind the scenes with inventory and stocking the shelves, for example, it is not going to do either of you any good to assign that employee to tasks that involve face-to-face interaction or handling the money.

Management needs to be prepared to handle any issues that pop up, and therefore that personnel can not be caught up with the day-to-day tasks. Still, it is key to match up an employee with the task that recognizes their skills and puts them to use in the best manner possible.


It is a good idea to consider all manner of communication tools. In certain situations, the use of email is more time-consuming and less efficient than you would think. There are social media tools that have been created specifically to keep the lines of communication open between a person in management and the employees. Consider these apps and platforms to optimize your reach and make sure all of your employees are on the same page.

Budget for Training:

Cutting funds for training and trying to minimize the time spent on getting a new employee up to speed can actually cost money. Likewise, it is important to budget for training for employees who have been with the company for some time, as they may need refresher courses or to be taught new approaches to the business in a learning environment.

Spending the money and time initially will lead to better profit margins in the long-term. Remember this when it seems like training is money that is being wasted. The initial investment can actually have significant returns when that employee reaches his or her full potential.

Make Goals that Are Clear and Managable:

Goals are a great end result to strive for, but employees need clearly defined objectives to make their efforts more productive. Try to make sure each goal that you set for your employees is specific and has measurable elements to show them when it is complete. It is also important to make sure the goal is realistic for the time frame you give the employee. Setting them goals that cannot be achieved in a timely manner is not going to do anything for productivity or staff morale – both of which will inevitably impact the success of the company overall. Improving productivity of employees can be a significant benefit, and the attention to detail that gets you there will be recognized by supervisors and business owners alike.

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